Tata Elxsi Displays Advanced Automotive Solutions at CES 2015

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Tata Elxsi, the global design & technology services subsidiary of the $100 billion Tata group, is showcasing its latest innovations in connected car, autonomous vehicles and in-vehicle infotainment technology at CES 2015.

Tata Elxsi is showcasing its technology solutions to build a secure connected car ecosystem that addresses the lifestyle trends of users who need ubiquitous connectivity and a seamless user experience.

These technologies include:

Autonomous vehicles and Advanced Driver Assist System: The Autonomous Valet Parking prototype demonstrates the fusion of sensor and vision based ADAS technology. The prototype is powered by an in-house developed trajectory planning, smoothening and tracking system. Tata Elxsi brings together sensor data and video processing algorithm development on multi-platform with DSP optimization capabilities; to enable camera and sensor based ADAS solutions.

Next-Gen Multi-modal Human Machine Interface: Tata Elxsi’s compelling automotive HMIs merge multiple modes of interaction including voice, touch, gestures and hard buttons to provide a seamless user experience and minimise driver distraction.

In-Vehicle infotainment framework: This IVI framework aims to address evolving industry standards for minimising driver distraction while enabling integration of personal devices along with richer features and functionality. Tata Elxsi is displaying an integrated Instrument cluster with an Infotainment head unit that also incorporates multimodal HMI interactions and integration of wearable devices in the IVI system. The framework is extensible and provides flexibility for implementation on any hardware, including leading platforms such as Renesas R-Car and Freescale.

Car companion apps: Tata Elxsi’s suite of car companion apps is compatible with various mobile OS and communicates vehicle data to smart devices over Bluetooth to provide vehicle owner/driver real time data about vehicle condition.

Secured gateway for integration of smart devices: A secure and authentic information exchange mechanism between external devices and in-vehicle network. The secured gateway module prototype uses cryptographic mechanisms for in-car and car-to-infrastructure communications.

Telematics & V2X solutions: Tata Elxsi’s V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle/-infrastructure) Emulator provides a lab-based environment to test and validate V2X applications by bringing real-world traffic scenarios, thereby significantly reducing costs and time associated with extensive field testing.

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